The Pennant is a symbol of excellence that each venue strives to attain throughout the Trivia Time Live season. Our venues compete against one another for Pennant points from April to February.

We have broken up our current slate of games into North and South regions. A venue earns Pennant points when they either WIN or DEFEND that Pennant. To “Win” the pennant, a venue needs a challenging team to win first place at the venue where the Pennant currently sits. If they do, they earn points for that venue and the Pennant moves there to begin the process of being defended from other challenging venues. To “Defend” the Pennant, a team that plays for the venue where the Pennant currently is must take 1st place. If they do, it will remain there.

Points are reflected on our standings page* and the venue with the most points when the Pennant season ends will retain that pennant to be proudly displayed for all time. Also, that venue receives a theme game of their choice, to be voted on by the players. The Pennant pits your favorite venue against all the others! Get in on the fun!

*Pennant standings will be updated once a week.

Pennant Scoring