TriviaPalooza is our Trivia Time Live player’s club. TriviaPalooza runs concurrently with our Pennant season from April 1st through the end of January, and offers players a chance to earn individual points and rewards for playing trivia, as well as a chance to receive discounts at numerous venues. Membership should and does have its privileges... However, the best part about being a member is that all of the proceeds from our TriviaPalooza memberships go to Stand Up For Kids, a Kitsap County charity, whose primary mission is to assist homeless and at-risk kids in the community. Ask your host how to become a member.

Earning Points

A point is earned every time you play Trivia Time Live and present your card to the host before the game. But your points multiply for every three venues you play at. Getting your multiplier to go up will really get your points kicking into a higher gear because the multiplier applies to every game you have played for the entire season. The season will wrap up shortly before our annual Trivia Bowl in February. If you happened to play at every venue, the total number of times you played during the 2018-2019 season would be multiplied by 7!


50 points Trivia Time Live Shirt (Gold Tier)
125 points TriviaPalooza Shirt (Platinum Tier)
175 points TriviaPalooza Diamond Shirt (Diamond Tier)
4th place $25 (+ a TP shirt)
3rd place $50 (+ a TP shirt)
2nd place $75 (+ a TP shirt)
1st place $150 (+ a TP shirt)
Stand Up For Kids

Trivia Time Live is proud to team up with Stand Up For Kids, an all-volunteer organization designed to assist homeless and at-risk kids in our community. All the proceeds of TriviaPalooza will go to this generous local charity.

Kitsap County’s local chapter of Stand Up For Kids is here to empower homeless and at-risk youth toward lifelong personal growth, and to create in these youth a sincere belief in themselves through open, straightforward counseling, mentoring, and life-skills training.

Check out their website for more information